My judicial recommendations

Seem that every election season, my clients and neighbors give me a ring and repeat variations on the same theme…  “Mike, I don’t know anything about these Judges, who should I vote for?”  I always refuse to answer that question.  BUT I do share my picks.  If they think that’s OK, they free to follow my lead.  Here’s what’s happening for this Primary on Tuesday…

For District Court, my most enthusiastic endorsement is ROY WIGGINS (for the Judge Moore seat).  I have known Roy for — Lord, 20-plus years — since we both were “baby lawyers” and I would absolutely trust him to protect my rights in a criminal or traffic action.  (His main practice as a private attorney.  Fortunately, though, I’ve dodged the use of his services!)  He will make a great judge.

Read this good endorsement of Roy by the Observer …


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Civil Litigation Attorney and Certified Mediator in North Carolina Superior Courts; President of Daisley Law Offices, PC, a law firm devoted to helping Veterans, the Disabled and severely injured victims of corporate or individual negligence. Experienced in Civil Trial Advocacy and Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mike is also a political analyst for WCNC-TV and WBT Radio,a writer and blogger on law, political discourse and theology, and a lifelong Episcopalian (which, as he explains, means "I'm a raging agnostic at least three days a week.") Office email : (704) 331-8014 Charlotte, North Carolina
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1 Response to My judicial recommendations

  1. Da vid Burge says:

    No Judge Daisley this year?

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