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And the hits (against fair judicial races) just keep on coming!

While most of the attention today is being paid to the Supreme Court’s decision on immigration, what SCOTUS did not do today may prove to be even more important.  A slim 5-4 majority rejected a request from the state of Montana to hear … Continue reading

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Loved the title; loved the advice!

In catching up with some overdue reading, I came across an article from the ABAJournal that really spoke to me. It seems I am overwhelmed with the information that come to me on a daily (hourly) basis. If you feel … Continue reading

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A privilege to serve a client like this…

With her permission, I want to tell you about Lara Mingus.  Lara is a wonderful woman who suffered an unspeakably sad tragedy a little more than two years ago in rural Union County.  She witnessed her 7-year old son, Jonathan, being struck … Continue reading

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SCOTUS – A “conservative” court?

con·serv·a·tive [kuhn-sur-vuh-tiv]  adjective 1. disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change. A lot of my Democratic buddies might be surprised to hear this, but I’m a pretty conservative guy, and I definitely believe in a conservative judiciary. So in what universe can a Court be called … Continue reading

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