A privilege to serve a client like this…

With her permission, I want to tell you about Lara Mingus.  Lara is a wonderful woman who suffered an unspeakably sad tragedy a little more than two years ago in rural Union County.  She witnessed her 7-year old son, Jonathan, being struck by a van while he attempted to cross the road to get to his waiting school bus.  I am not going to say anything about the how incident occurred because it is currently in litigation.

This much I will say — cases like this — and clients like Lara — are the reason I went to law school.

This good person is taking her devastating loss and trying to make something worthwhile come out of it.  This past weekend, she helped the Donate 2 Life organization that helps save 3the lives of persons desperately needing and seeking healthy organs to stay alive.

They held a bike ride in Davidson, and raised awareness of the need for the services this organization provides, and thousands of dollars to help in the effort.  Take a few minutes to look at the news reports, and learn about the families that are being helped in this effort.

About Mike Daisley - Daisley Law Offices, PC

Civil Litigation Attorney and Certified Mediator in North Carolina Superior Courts; President of Daisley Law Offices, PC, a law firm devoted to helping Veterans, the Disabled and severely injured victims of corporate or individual negligence. Experienced in Civil Trial Advocacy and Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mike is also a political analyst for WCNC-TV and WBT Radio,a writer and blogger on law, political discourse and theology, and a lifelong Episcopalian (which, as he explains, means "I'm a raging agnostic at least three days a week.") Office email : Mike@DaisleyLawOffices.com (704) 331-8014 Charlotte, North Carolina
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