A tradition continues, but with a new law firm comes a new twist!

This coming Saturday evening in Charlotte for the 24th time in 24 years, I’ll be attending (“Lawd willin’ and the crik don’t rise!”) THE GREAT GATSBY GALA to benefit the MS Society.  But as I write in our firm’s e-newsletter that was sent out just this past week, that event has never had a VIP table sponsored by DaisleyLaw


2012- 24th Annual GREAT GATSBY GALA

So to celebrate, we have issued a “Gatsby Challenge” where any interest reader of this Blawg or my newsletter can qualify for a VIP pass to this great event.  Read all about it, or click on to GatsbyGala.org look at the items for the Silent Auction, and then creatively email me which one you would most like to bid on, and why.

Have fun, and join us this Saturday evening, August 4 at the Wells Fargo Atrium.

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About Mike Daisley - Daisley Law Offices, PC

Civil Litigation Attorney and Certified Mediator in North Carolina Superior Courts; President of Daisley Law Offices, PC, a law firm devoted to helping Veterans, the Disabled and severely injured victims of corporate or individual negligence. Experienced in Civil Trial Advocacy and Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mike is also a political analyst for WCNC-TV and WBT Radio,a writer and blogger on law, political discourse and theology, and a lifelong Episcopalian (which, as he explains, means "I'm a raging agnostic at least three days a week.") Office email : Mike@DaisleyLawOffices.com (704) 331-8014 Charlotte, North Carolina
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