Questions I can best answer…by not answering!

When a client (or someone looking for legal help on a website asks whether it is “normal” to have certain pains after a wreck, it’s important NOT to give medical advice!

I received an Interesting query from someone on AVVO on whether it was “normal” to start feeling right leg pain and right should pain after a sideswipe wreck.  FWIW, here was my “no, but” lawyer-like answer…

>>Let me first answer your question by not answering it — because I am NOT a doctor!
What I can tell you is that in my 27 years of doing this, I’ve seen hundreds of cases similar to yours, and NO it’s not unusual for different pain to develop in different places in the days following the trauma. But that DOESN’T mean that your injury is “normal” for you or like everybody else’s because only a healthcare professional can competently advise you about that, not a lawyer.

The reason I recommend an examination for folks who are feeling the way you are is because in NC (and every other jurisdiction as far as I know) neither you nor I nor the passengers in your vehicle etc. can testify that the wreck was the cause of your symptoms. You need an medical expert that can render an opinion regarding the source of your pain, and that the treatment you received was reasonable and necessary because of the wreck. Thus, it is very important that you get the treatment that you need, and that a professional document your condition.

NEVER should anyone seek treatment they don’t really need, nor try to run up a claim by running up bills. It’s unethical and could be criminal. However, it IS vitally important that you get the treatment you need and that a competent health provider see you for evaluation, and that you document your injuries.

And just like a lawyer can’t tell you what therapy or medicine you might need, so cannot a physician help you evaluate your legal claim. Go see an attorney who is experienced and competent in this area. Most will see you on this type of claim without charging you a consultation fee (but you should confirm that up front).

Good luck to you and I hope you heal soon.

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