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In order to keep things cool at mediation during these summer months, it may be necessary to “QUERY” the opposing litigants.

After more than a decade of mediating Superior Civil Court claims in North Carolina, I am still struck by how often emotions can so easily overrule logic, and derail successful settlements at mediations.

It’s not that emotions are bad; far from it.  We are human beings after all, not Vulcans (see below), and as I wrote in a previous Mediation Minute last July, it would be strange if folks were NOT angry over lawsuits. Plaintiffs are upset because they feel they shouldn’t have had to file an claim in the first place, and defendants are angry over getting hauled into court.

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About Mike Daisley - Daisley Law Offices, PC

Civil Litigation Attorney and Certified Mediator in North Carolina Superior Courts; President of Daisley Law Offices, PC, a law firm devoted to helping Veterans, the Disabled and severely injured victims of corporate or individual negligence. Experienced in Civil Trial Advocacy and Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mike is also a political analyst for WCNC-TV and WBT Radio,a writer and blogger on law, political discourse and theology, and a lifelong Episcopalian (which, as he explains, means "I'm a raging agnostic at least three days a week.") Office email : (704) 331-8014 Charlotte, North Carolina
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